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Design and Product Guides

Enviromesh undertake design evaluations to assist Engineers, Architects and Contractors in the preparation of gabion applications.

To compliment this service or allow clients to prepare their own deisgns, Enviromsh have compiled there own design and product guides, covering the applications of gabions together with a structural design guide.

The following documents are available for download, or hard copies are available on request.

Enviromesh Volume 1: Gabion Retaining Walls

This publication describes the types and specifications of gabion systems currently available from Enviromesh. Assembly and installation guidance is explained fully, along with the principals of the design methods and analysis in accordance with BS EN 1997-1:2004 & BS 8002:2015.

With additional information regarding soil characteristics and gabion fill materials, this comprehensive document offers clear guidance to the industry.

Volume 2: Cladding and Freestanding Walls

Expanding upon the applications from traditional mass gravity walls, this publication details the various alternative uses for gabions such as rain screen; cladding to buildings, decorative cladding to sheet piling and RC walls, freestanding walls and architectural structures.

Enviromesh Volume 3: River and Erosion Protection

This document returns to civil engineering applications. Typical uses of gabions and gabion mattresses for river and erosion protection are covered, including applications such as headwalls, cascades, weirs, revetments and scour protection.

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