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Gabion 27 System

Gabion 27 System, are modular welded mesh units introduced into the UK market by Roger Farmer to improve the quality, speed of installation, as well as to reduce the walls sectional design requirements. This combination of benefits, result in savings on labour costs, overall material supply and associated earthworks.

The Gabion 27 System comprises of units that are sub-divided into 686mm cells along the length of the cage. Construction is such that the base of the gabion forms the lid of the unit below. The base is extended by fixed dimensions on one face to allow for a predetermined stepping arrangement at each course. The base on the other face is flush, allowing for a flush faced wall to be constructed if required or coursing with a combination of flush and stepped faces.

The use of combined lids and bases reduces the construction time, but does not compromise the structural integrity of the system. The mesh weight to volume ratio is greater with this system than the Gabion 39 system and the distribution of mesh within the structure is more even thus producing a higher quality of installation. The face and rear panels are manufactured from a heavier mesh wire diameter to maintain both better linear and lateral alignment. The 686mm cell height means that no difficulty occurs in stone filling and hand facing of the gabion system.

Vertical jointing for assembly utilises helicals (supplied as standard) to encompass all the mesh at one juncture, reducing installation time whilst providing the strongest joint. The helical also encompasses the cut ends of mesh which is an import health and safety issue where gabions are used in public areas. Horizontal joints can be helicalled but are normally formed by a continuous lacing system (supplied as standard) or clipped with 'C'rings (at additional cost).


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