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Gabion 39 System

Gabions manufactured from dimensionally stable panels of mesh, that are formed by welding transverse and longitudinal wires at each and every intersection to form a grid.

The gabion 39 box is then part assembled by hinging the face, back, sides and internal diaphragms to the base panel and the lid to the rear panel with ‘C’ rings or clips. The units are transported to site flat packed with lacing wire as standard for on site erection.

On site, the mesh gabion unit is opened out in the required position and the sides, diaphragms, face and rear panels are rotated to the vertical position and joined with a continuous lacing operation (wire supplied as standard), helicals or ‘C’ rings (supplied at additional cost). Joints between courses are normally continuously laced or clipped with ‘C' rings.

Once assembled, the mesh gabions are filled with stone or rock and the lid secured to form a monolithic structure in accordance with the recommended installation procedures.


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