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Gabion Cladding

Gabion cladding units are a welded wire mesh box system that is configured in a different way such that the unit is sub-divided into cells both horizontally and vertically, allowing each course of cells to be filled. Normally the course lift is 686mm high but for overall heights that are not a multiple of 686mm, the cell height at the base can be manufactured up to 1m in height or the top cell reduced in height providing it is not less than 152mm.

For handling, the maximum height of unit is 2.057m and up to 2.057m wide divided into nine equal cells. All gabion cladding units have helicals supplied for exposed vertical joints and lacing wire for horizontal joints. The mesh wire diameter is normally not less than 4.0mm. Cladding units are normally secured to a suitable wall with clamp bars or clamp discs. Where no suitable support wall is available, column members are buried in the gabion to take the lateral loads.

The maximum height of gabion cladding is normally 3.0m, but can be increased providing a horizontal beam is provided at 3.0m heights to take the vertical loading from the cladding.


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